The best browser extensions for developers

Modern browsers offer a wide range of extensions that can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of developers. These extensions provide useful tools for debugging, package management, API viewing, and code inspection. In this article, we will provide an overview of the best browser extensions for developers, which can simplify the development process and improve code quality.

Debugging tools

Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is a set of development tools integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser. It offers a wide range of features for debugging, performance monitoring, and JavaScript code analysis. With DevTools, you can inspect DOM elements, track network call history, diagnose performance issues, and test code in real-time.

Firefox Developer Tools

Firefox also has a similar set of development tools called Firefox Developer Tools. These tools offer advanced features for code inspection, JavaScript debugging, performance monitoring, and network analysis. Firefox Developer Tools are highly customizable and allow developers to tailor the development environment to their needs.

Microsoft Edge DevTools

Microsoft Edge DevTools, available in Microsoft Edge and Chromium, offers similar functionalities to Chrome DevTools. Developers can use these extensions to inspect, debug, and profile code, as well as test website accessibility and check browser compatibility.

Package management

npm Hub

npm Hub simplifies searching for npm packages directly from your browser. This extension displays detailed information about npm packages, such as total downloads, available versions, and dependencies. You can search for packages, view documentation, and keep track of the latest trends in the npm community.

Yarn Inspector

Yarn Inspector is an extension that helps developers explore and understand package dependencies in their Yarn project. It allows you to view installed packages, the versions used, and their associated dependencies. Yarn Inspector simplifies dependency management and helps identify any issues.

API viewing

Postman Interceptor

Postman Interceptor is an extension that works in synergy with Postman, a popular tool for API testing. With this extension, you can capture real-time HTTP requests and responses from the browser and send them directly to Postman for analysis and API management.

JSON Viewer

JSON Viewer is an extension that provides a clear and structured visualization of JSON data in the browser. This tool simplifies the analysis and understanding of JSON data returned by APIs, allowing developers to explore them effectively.

Code inspection


Octotree is an extension that enhances the browsing and code reading experience on GitHub. It displays a sidebar showing the structure of GitHub repositories, allowing developers to easily explore files and directories. Octotree simplifies navigation between files and facilitates understanding of code architecture.

Live Server

Live Server is an extension that creates a local web server for front-end development. This extension is useful for running HTML, CSS, and JavaScript projects directly from your browser. Live Server automatically refreshes the browser page when code changes are made, offering a responsive and convenient development environment.

These browser extensions can greatly improve the workflow of developers, simplifying tasks such as debugging, package management, API viewing, and code inspection. Choosing the right extensions can help developers be more productive and write high-quality code. Explore these extensions and find those that best suit your development needs. Happy coding!