From base64 to text

From base64 to text

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User guide

In this guide, you will learn how to use the application to convert from Base64 to text directly on the same page. This tool allows you to paste the Base64-encoded text and receive real-time visual conversion to text.

Accessing the Conversion Application

  • On the page, you will find an input area designated for entering the Base64 text.
  • Click inside the input area or use the cursor to position yourself within it.

Entering Data

  • Paste the Base64 text you want to convert inside the input area. Make sure the text is pasted correctly and that there are no extra spaces or formatting errors.

Viewing the Conversion

  • As you paste the Base64 text, the integrated application will perform a real-time conversion.
  • The result of the conversion, namely the readable text, will be displayed in a designated area below the input area.

Using the Converted Text

  • Copy the converted text, if needed, using the copy option available in the output area.
  • Utilize the converted text for any purpose you desire, such as further processing or usage in other applications.

Repetition or Further Usage

  • If you wish to convert additional data from Base64 to text, you can repeat the preceding steps.
  • Paste new Base64 data in the input area and observe the real-time conversion.


By utilizing the integrated application for Base64 to text conversion on the same page, you can quickly achieve visual conversion without resorting to external tools. This tool streamlines the decoding process and enables you to obtain the original text from Base64-encoded data. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to use the application easily and effectively directly from the same web page.

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