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User guide

Welcome to the user guide for the Random Insults application! This app allows you to generate random and funny insults for animals or people. Follow the steps below to start having fun with your friends.

Select the target of the insults

On the main page of the application, you will find an option to select whether you want to insult animals or people. Click on the corresponding button for your preferred target.

Generate a random insult

Once you have selected the target, you will see a "Generate Insult" or similar button. Click on this button to get a new random insult. You can continue clicking the button to generate different insults each time or enable the "Repeat" feature.

Share the insult with your friends

Now that you have generated a random insult, you can share it with your friends. You can do this in various ways:

  • Copy the insult and paste it in a text message or instant messaging app.
  • Use the social media sharing buttons to post the insult on WhatsApp or other similar platforms.
  • Send the insult via email or other forms of digital communication.

Have fun with the insults!

Now that you have shared the insult with your friends, enjoy the fun that ensues. Always remember to use the application responsibly and respectfully towards others.

If you want to generate more insults, repeat steps 3-5 of the guide. You can generate as many insults as you want and share them with your friends.


  • Make sure to use the insults only with friends who appreciate this type of humor. Not everyone may find the use of insults amusing.
  • Remember to respect others and avoid using offensive or vulgar insults.
  • If you get tired of insulting a particular target (animals or people), return to the main page of the application and select the other target to vary the insults.

Have fun generating random insults and sharing the fun with your friends!

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