Vacation Optimizer

Vacation Optimizer

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The "Holiday Calculator" application is a useful tool for calculating available vacation days and efficiently planning their use. In this guide, you will learn how to use the application to determine monthly rest days and optimize your vacation planning to enjoy the maximum time away from work.

Data Entry

Once you open the application, you will find a data entry form where the following details are required:

  • Country: Select your country or state to retrieve local holidays.
  • Number of Available Vacation Days: Enter the number of vacation days you have available for the current year.
  • Weekly Working Days: Indicate the days of the week you usually work (e.g., Monday-Friday).

Calculation of Monthly Rest Days

After providing the required data, click the "Calculate" button or a similar button in the application. The application will determine local holidays and calculate the expected rest days for each month of the year.

Vacation Planning

Once the monthly rest days are calculated, the application will suggest the most efficient way to take vacations to extend the rest periods. You can view the suggested dates to take vacations optimally and maximize your time away from work.

Adoption of the Planning

Based on the suggested vacation dates, you can decide whether to follow the proposed planning by the application or make modifications to suit your personal or work-related needs.


By using the "Holiday Calculator" application, you can easily calculate available vacation days and efficiently plan your vacations. With the vacation planning suggestions, you can maximize your free time and enjoy extended rest periods. By following the steps described in this guide, you will be able to use the application to optimize your vacation planning and improve your work-life balance.