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Validate IBAN



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User guide

The "Verify IBAN" application is a useful tool to check the validity of an IBAN and retrieve detailed information about it, such as the CIN, ABI, and CAB. In this guide, you will learn how to use the "Verify IBAN" application to verify an IBAN and obtain related data.

Accessing the Application

  1. Access the "Verify IBAN" application through the provided link or address.
  2. You will be taken to the application interface, ready to verify the IBAN.

IBAN Verification

  1. In the application interface, locate the designated input area for entering the IBAN.
  2. Type or paste the IBAN you want to verify into the input area.

Verification Result

  1. After entering the IBAN, press the "Verify" button or a similar button in the application.
  2. The application will perform a real-time verification of the IBAN and display whether the IBAN is valid or not.
  3. If the IBAN is valid, the verification result will be shown on the screen.

Display of IBAN Data

  1. In addition to verification, the application will display all the related data about the IBAN, such as the CIN (Holder's Control Code), ABI (Italian Banking Association), and CAB (Bank Sorting Code).
  2. You can view this data along with the verification result.

Using the Data

  1. Copy the IBAN data, if needed, using the copy option available in the output area.
  2. You can use the IBAN data for your purposes, such as recording transactions or verifying bank details.

Repeating or New Verification

  1. To verify additional IBANs or perform another verification, you can repeat the previous steps.
  2. Enter a new IBAN in the input area and press the "Verify" button to obtain a new result.


By using the "Verify IBAN" application, you can easily check the validity of an IBAN and retrieve detailed information about it. This tool is useful for ensuring accuracy in payments and banking transactions. By following the steps described in this guide, you will be able to use the application effectively and efficiently to verify and obtain information about IBANs.

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