Generate base64-encoded secret

Generate base64-encoded secret

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User guide

The variable-length base64 encoded secret generator is a convenient tool for creating encoded secrets of different lengths using the base64 encoding method. Follow the steps below to understand how to use the application:

Entering the Length

  1. Once the application page loads, you will find an input field labeled "Length" or similar.
  2. Enter the desired length for your encoded secret. This value will determine the number of characters in the final base64 encoded secret.

Generating the Secret

  1. After entering the desired length, the application will automatically generate a new base64 encoded secret.
  2. The generated secret will have the length you specified and will consist of characters from the base64 character set.

Copying the Secret

  1. Once the secret is generated, you can copy it by clicking on the secret or using the provided "Copy" button.
  2. The copied secret can be pasted into your applications, scripts, or wherever you need to use it.

Generating More Secrets (Optional)

  1. If you need to generate additional secrets, you can simply enter a new length and follow the same steps.
  2. The application will generate a new base64 encoded secret based on the new length you provide.

Using the Encoded Secret

  1. You can use the generated base64 encoded secret as a secure passphrase, API key, password, or any other application where strong and variable-length secrets are required.
  2. Ensure that you securely store and manage the generated secrets.


The variable-length base64 encoded secret generator is a valuable tool for generating strong and customized secrets for various purposes. Whether you need secure credentials for authentication, encryption keys, or other cryptographic needs, this application provides you with the flexibility to generate secrets of the desired length. By following the steps described in this guide, you can efficiently use the application to generate encoded secrets with ease.

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