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User guide

The multilingual and multi-voice reading application is a powerful tool that allows you to listen to a text with various voices, intonations, and in different languages directly from the web page. In this guide, you will learn how to use the application to enjoy a personalized and engaging reading experience.

Accessing the Reading Application

  1. Open the web page containing the multilingual and multi-voice reading application.
  2. Locate the input area designated for entering the text you want to listen to.

Text Entry

  1. Type or paste the text inside the input area.
  2. Ensure that the text is correct and well-formatted for better reading.

Voice Selection

  1. Explore the different voices available from the options list.
  2. Select the voice you prefer for reading the text. You can choose from male and female voices, different intonations, and languages.

Intonation Customization

  1. If the application offers intonation options, select the intonation that suits the tone of the text.
  2. This option can add emotional variations to the reading.

Language Choice

  1. Select the language in which you want to listen to the text.
  2. The application will convert the text to the chosen language before reading it.

Listening to the Text

  1. Press the reading or play button of the application.
  2. Listen to the text pronounced with the chosen voice, intonation, and language.

Sharing and Usage

  1. If you wish to share the read text with others, use the sharing options of the application.
  2. You can also use the application to listen to texts in different languages, improve understanding of a new language, or simply enjoy reading differently.


The multilingual and multi-voice reading application is an innovative tool that offers an engaging and personalized reading experience. By using different voices, intonations, and languages, you can make reading more accessible and interesting. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to effectively use the application to listen to your desired text with various voice and language options directly from the web page.

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