Generate unique URI

Generate unique URI

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User guide

ToolPlaza is a website that offers a variety of useful tools, including a unique URI generator. In this guide, you will learn how to use the ToolPlaza web application to generate valid and unique URIs from an input text.

Entering the Input Text

In the URI generator interface, you will find a dedicated input field for the text. Click inside the input field and type the text you want to use for generating the URI.

Generating the URI

Once you have entered the input text, press the "Generate URI" button or a similar button in the application. The URI generator will process the input text and generate a valid and unique URI based on it.

Using the Generated URI

Once the URI is generated, it will be displayed in the application interface. You can copy the generated URI by clicking the copy button or selecting the URI and pressing CTRL+C (or CMD+C on macOS). Afterwards, you can use the generated URI as desired, such as creating a link on a web page or using it to access a resource through an HTTP request.

Repeating the Process

If you want to generate additional unique URIs, you can repeat steps 3 to 5. Enter a new input text and press the "Generate URI" button to get a new unique URI.

By using the ToolPlaza web application to generate unique URIs, you can easily create valid and unique text strings to identify resources on the internet. By following the steps described in this guide, you will be able to use the application effectively and efficiently.

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